Extreme Romantic Date

Ideas for an Extreme Romantic Date

Ideas for an Extreme Romantic Date

Extreme dating is based on the assertion that people are truly brought together by joint activities, coordinated overcoming of difficulties, and shared adventures. After extreme dates, there’s always something to discuss, and then, someday, even remember. Another advantage of extreme dating is the fact that there’s no need to think over topics for conversation in advance. There will simply be no time to talk. 

Mystical Dates

  • Rendezvous at the cemetery. For the first date — absolutely not suitable. But it’s quite possible to invite an old friend to take a walk among the graves and tombs. A cemetery date isn’t just for the goths. There’s calm, fresh air, and it inspires thinking about the eternal. Moreover, it’s not so scary to think about the eternal together.
  • A date with a fortune-teller. It’s a risky option for a mystical date unless you have paid in advance for the results of the fortune-telling. If a girl is overly impressionable, everything can end in tears and a ruined mood. The more modern and accurate equivalent of the fortuneteller is the astrologer. You can also make an appointment with him. And he makes his horoscopes no longer by hand, but by the stars.
  • Rendezvous with weirdo cult. In every city, you can find communities of people who believe in the existence of parallel worlds, turn stones into gold and regain eternal youth. Periodically, these wizards gather to perform magical rituals with spells and chants. It’s a real show. 

Treasure Hunt Dating

  • Search for treasures in the countryside. Bury the gift-bought piece of jewelry in a secluded corner of the garden. Then draw a confusing clue card and hand it to the girl at the very beginning of the date. You’ll laugh heartily. And you’ll be glad when the gift is found.
  • Geocaching for two. Use GPS and laptop for hints. Choose a goal that would help you to gain cultural and geographic knowledge in addition to satisfaction. One of the most exciting types of dates.
  • Rendezvous in the quarries. Explore the city catacombs, abandoned quarries, and caves in search of hidden treasures. It’s a rather dangerous adventure, it’s not recommended to bring it to life without preliminary speleological preparation. Take care of your safety. Prepare special equipment to make it more comfortable.

Dating in Flight

  • Hot air balloon date. The girl will remember such a date for a long time. A bright dome over your heads, a burner flame, a glass of champagne, and beauty under your feet.
  • A date on the runway. The smaller the airport, the closer you can get to aircraft taking off and landing.

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