CFS Back Conservative Candidates for Euro Parliament

Conservative Future Scotland gave their backing for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party candidates for the European Parliamentary Election on the 22nd May. 

Dr. Ian Duncan, Belinda Don, Nosheena Mubarik, Jamie Gardner, Ian McGill and Stuart McIntyre are all seeking to be elected to the European Parliament to represent Scotland. Dr. Ian Duncan, our lead candidate is an extraordinarily experienced background in fisheries and in the inner workings of Brussels and will be a valuable asset to Scotland if elected. 

He is also standing on a platform as the only lead candidate in Scotland who will pledge to deliver much needed reform to the EU and also offer the people of Scotland an In/Out Referendum in 2017 which will give ordinary people the choice to determine our future relationship with the European Union.

All of our candidates are passionate about delivering a ''No" vote in September's referendum on Scottish Independence and a vote for the Scottish Conservatives will help to ensure your interests are best represented in Brussels and Strasbourg.