Dates at Home

Romantic Dates at Home: Tips and Ideas

Romantic Dates at Home: Tips and Ideas

Everyone has their own dating culture: some people like to watch movies with pizza, and some have real parties with dresses and gourmet dishes. If you switch on your imagination, you will be able to transform the simplest one-room apartment into, for example, one of the most romantic places in your city, and your date will be truly unforgettable.

  • Romantic Standing Dinner

When it isn’t possible to go somewhere, take the situation into your own hands. It is especially interesting to prepare cocktails and canapes. It won’t take long, but it will be tasty and easy. If you have pretty glasses and a minibar at home, you can do it together. Read on the internet recipes for the most popular and most delicious cocktails and buy in advance everything you need to make them. For snacks, a good option would be a chocolate fountain or fondue.

  • Watching Movies Together

So that this doesn’t turn into ordinary everyday gatherings in stretched sweatpants and pajamas, approach this responsibly. During the week, choose a movie that you both enjoy and would like to watch. Advice: it is better that it’s not a bloody action movie, not horror, and not a movie that makes you cry. Set yourself up playfully: a comedy or romantic movie with a touch of eroticism will come in handy. You can also dress appropriately for a romantic evening. Something cozy but pretty will work best. Don’t forget a glass of wine and a great movie night is guaranteed. Everyone will love this home date.

  • Date on the Rooftop of Your House

If you are original and your girlfriend is not afraid of heights, try to take the keys to the exit to the roof and arrange a date there. Just imagine how impressed she will be when she enters there, and in the middle, surrounded by electric candles, there is a light table covered with a tablecloth, two chairs decorated with fabric, warm blankets and an incredible view from above! You will both remember this evening for a long time. Don’t forget about warm clothes and make sure that the door doesn’t slam shut.

  • Create a Joint Playlist

If for some reason you don’t have it yet, then it’s time to do it. No, this is not a boring selection of yes/no tracks. You turn on what you like, each in turn and vote. While the music is playing, you can dance, sing along and just enjoy the evening. 

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